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January 26, 2012

Because everyone is doing it. Kenny Meyers and Jeff Croft posted about what tools they use on a daily basis. I want to join the crowd. So here are the tools/programs I use on a daily basis.


I have to earn my keep somehow. This is the perfect tool to track my time and make sure I'm billing fairly. At my first go-around at an agency, time keeping was the bane of my existence. Harvest makes it stupidly easy and I'm not wasting billable time keeping track of my time.

A good part of my day is spent in the terminal. For work at EngineHosting, it is 100% there. My time at nGen Works is, oh 20-30% in the terminal.

A Text Editor

I play text editor roulette. None of them quite fit the bill for me. I've been grooving on Chocolat lately with some Sublime Text 2 in the mix. I do come back to VIM quite often though.


How did I get along without Rdio? I'm saving money by only spending $10/mo or so on music. This is hope that the RIAA is pulling it's head out of it's ass and realizing that they are in 2012 and not 1944. My hopes aren't that high because generally speaking, they are a bunch of backwards asshats.

iChat, Skype, Adium

I prefer the native experience of iChat, but there are some private jabber servers I'm on that just work a bit better with Adium. I'm still using the "old" Skype, refuse to use the new one, and will to continue to do so until Microsoft somehow blocks me from using it.


My only other installed brower is Chrome, but I rarely use it

Twitter for Mac

It works well enough, although I seem to miss quite a bit of tweets from people.


GUIs are for pussies. Learn the terminal. Depending on the project, I'll use either Beanstalk or GitHub. They are both fantastic. I don't care what I use. I'm happy in either.


It feels so good to use a relational database and not have to bash my head against the wall like I do with MySQL.


It pays the bills, and I couldn't be happier. When I feel like stabbing a fork in my eye, I'll do some PHP. When I'm in the mood to feel inadequate, I'll write javascript.


This helps me not have to go to as many meetings. I can learn what I have to, respond when I need to, and ignore what I want to. It is perfect.


I love CloudApp. It is so handy. Just use it.