Greg Aker

About Me!


My name is Greg. I'm a thrasher, I write code, play the saxophone and totally rule.

By day, I work as Chief Code Thrasher at nGen Works building awesome things in Django. I also sling the terminal as a systems administrator at EngineHosting.

I live in Missouri but I have never lived on a farm.

About the site

This site is my playground/sandbox, and has been through too many incarnations. Most of which were completely ignored. I've run various versions of ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter-based Blogs. Recently, I ran on MongoDB and the Tornado web server. Ultimately, I became sick of trying to maintain an admin section, and while I felt totally cool running NoSQL, there was really no point. So this incarnation is a simple blogging app written in Django.

The awesome monsters and design are from David Gnojek.

Since I spend all my time during the day making web applications work in all browsers, I have decided that as long as it looks fine in Safari, that's good enough for me.

Unless noted otherwise, opinions expressed on this site are mine, and do not reflect the opinions of my employers.