Today I got the keybed & the tonewheel generator removed from the cabinet. I found a couple pennies under the TWG. Not really enough to help fund this restoration, but nice to put them back in circulation, I guess.

Empty cabinet

I’ve ordered the parts to recap the vibrato line box, so I have completely removed it from the back of the top manual:

Vibrato line box

Back of top manual

The tonewheel generator looks to be in decent shape. In my first couple days with the instrument, the start motor had some issues engaging. I’m trying to do a good cleaning on it, and have run some naptha & Hammond oil through it to see if that helps things. Next up for this is new capacitors. It will be so much easier taking care of it outside of the case.

Tone wheel generator

The keybed is still kind of tough to work on, since both of the manuals are screwed together. I really don’t want to separate them, as that seems like it will be an unnecessary amount of soldering to put them back together. We’ll see though.

I’ve also found the removal of the preset rack to be kind of a pain when trying to get to the preset keys to remove them.


Hitting a key sounds like someone is knocking on the door, so I’ll be replacing the up/downstop felts (after I get all that mouse poop cleaned out).